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15.01.2016 | Two new bands for the weekend!!
Dear Full Force friends, a new weekend is just around the corner and we are glad to present you two new bands: Look forward to *** H2O *** and *** RAGNAROK *** at the 23rd WITH FULL FORCE!! Save your own weekend ticket now for the happening 2016 on the heaviest field of Germany!! http://shop.withfullforce.de/products/de/wff-2016-weekend-ticket.html Have a great, white and heavy weekend! Your WFF Team

08.01.2016 | 3 new bands for the weekend!!
Hello friends, just before the weekend we are happy to announce you more new bands! *** PARADISE LOST – the metal cult band from the island are coming directly from the lost paradise to the heaviest field of Germany! ANTI-FLAG – after a long absence the punk rock heroes from Pittsburgh / USA are returning back to Roitzschjora! ANNISOKAY – the guys from Halle are as happy as can be to play their first WFF gig! Keep in mind that you can get the community ticket for a special price only until 11th January!! So hurry up and get yours! Also our Full Force fairy is working overtime this weekend for you so we can announce the lucky winners of our WFF Advent Calendar on Monday!! Stay tuned! Have an awesome weekend! Your WFF Team

04.01.2016 | Happy 2016 & Heavy new announcement!
Hello friends, first of all we want to wish you all the best for 2016! And we also start the year with the next announcement: Another much loved band that you’ve chosen as your number 1 year for year will be back at the 23rd WFF – HATEBREED! We’ve heard your calls, invited the band again and the guys immediately said yes! What’s happening in front of and at the stage you will surely know yourselves. Those of you who don’t should definitely check it out. *** Also please note that there are only a few days left to save your attractive community ticket for a special price! As of Monday, the 11th January the special bundle campaign is over! *** Stay tuned and make yourselves some hot thoughts in this cold time. We will surely get back to you this week with some more news. Your WFF Team

21.12.2015 | HO-HO-HEADLINER!
Hello friends, as promised we get back to you before Christmas! If it doesn’t snow, at least your favourite THRASH santa is letting it rain blood on the field: ****************************** ** S * L * A * Y * E * R ** ****************************** The band which made the most WFF history is coming back home on the field next summer! Only the good kids are not getting a bludgeon – you have it already on your wish list! Heavy X-Mas & a Metal New Year! Your With Full Force Team

18.12.2015 | Christmas presents before Christmas!!!
Hello friends, only a few doors are left to be opened in our special Advent calendar and of course we don’t want to miss giving you new confirmed names for the Full Force 2016. *** The post-hardcore-specialists OUR LAST NIGHT from Hollis/New Hampshire – USA can be experienced at the WFF live for the first time! *** Evil death metal from our neighbouring country Poland you will get from the storm trooper VADER. *** Rage Against The Machine 2.0 or something like that will tell you the critics of STRAY FROM THE PATH. We think – much more than that! Convince yourselves…this exceptional band hasn’t been our guest before either! *** In old tradition to oi bands and punk party grenades like Die Kassierer 4 PROMILLE will also serve their Beer’n’Roll as Full Force debut. *** And last but not least a band that you’re always wishing for and celebrate merciless again and again: THE BROWNING from Texas are coming back – Your aching muscles don’t have a chance!!! See you soon, we get in touch with you again before Christmas! Your WFF Team

03.12.2015 | 4 new bands for the 2nd Advent!
Just before the 2nd Advent we can announce 4 new bands for the WITH FULL FORCE!! Look forward in 2016 to: *** GRAVE *** *** TURNSTILE *** *** FALLUJAH *** *** BUSTER SHUFFLE *** More info and news will follow soon!! We already wish you a nice weekend and much fun with opening doors! Stay tuned, stay heavy! Euer WFF Team

01.12.2015 | *** WFF ADVENT CALENDAR ***
HOHOHO dear Full Force friends, the time has come... Now you can find our WITH FULL FORCE ADVENT CALENDAR at www.withfullforce.de! Unlike the last years, this time 24 special and unique experiences are waiting for you behind 24 doors. With a little luck you can win and experience them on the heaviest field 2016! Let yourselves be surprised what extraordinary activities we´ve arranged for you. Have fun! The lucky winners will be announced end of December on our homepage! For redeeming your win at the WFF of course you should own a valid festival ticket for 2016. To those of you who are still looking for Christmas presents, have a look in our WFF Shop. Aside from the Community Shirt Special you can find the latest WFF collection and various remaining stocks for special prices! And now lots of fun with opening doors! Here is the WFF Advent Calendar: www.withfullforce.de Your WFF Team

28.11.2015 | Big thing from Down Under
Hello friends, again we have another new band for the Full Force 2016 to announce: THE AMITY AFFLICTION from Brisbane/Australia will visit the WFF for the first time, thrash their energetic post-hardcore sound over the heaviest field and celebrate the party of the year together with you. Soon we will announce more band names, we keep on working! *** And to answer a much asked question from you: What about the Advent calendar? Since we wanted to announce you all confirmed bands as soon as possible an Advent calendar with bands wouldn’t make much sense. That’s why we considered something completely new and in our opinion extraordinary. We raffle every day a special and non-purchasable experience at the With Full Force 2016. Of course you have to own a valid festival ticket for that. Let yourselves be surprised, participate and increase your chances to experience an unforgettable WFF 2016. See you on 1st December 2016! Have a wonderful first Advent! Your WFF Team

Only 137 days till WFF-Festival!




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