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20.03.2015 | 2 new bands for the weekend!!!
Hello friends, right before the well-deserved weekend we present you two more acts who will enrich our line up this year. We are glad to welcome the British thrash metaller SYLOSIS for the first time. Those guys are sailing across the channel to blow their melodic hard riffs heavily into your ears.*** TOXPACK from Berlin generated a big buzz with their new album „Friss!“ and even entered the German charts at number 16! With their pleasant capital streetcore Schulle and his guys will know how to plough up properly the heaviest field of Germany!***Soon we’ll have more news and announcements, stay tuned!*** So, ask for your holiday and hurry up to get your tickets!!! Your WFF Team

09.03.2015 | 3rd headliner and 4 new names for the heaviest!
Hi friends, as promised we get back to you with news as soon as we have them. And now we have a few more new names who have confirmed: From the middle of England are the new metal heroes HEART OF A COWARD who are causing a furore on the island at the moment. Their music affects the metalcore, modern, melodic metal and djent just like no other band and makes other talents of the genre here and there look pretty old. Form your very own opinion at their only festival gig 2015 in Germany.***From the country of Schnitzel, „Mozartkugel“ and „Kaiserschmarrn“ are the crossover metaler KONTRUST who will be at the Full Force for the first time as well. In their home country Austria these guys are already an established act, now they are setting off for the German stages. As we think, a great enrichment for our festival!***San Antonio/Texas is sending the roughest deathcore you can imagine across the pond. A band like a wrecking ball – UPON A BURNING BODY! And the band is also celebrating a WFF premiere! That’s gonna be a workout for all your muscles, so get trained already!***With THE RUINS OF BEVERAST the horde around Alex von Meilenwald, former drummer of Nagelfar, is providing you with finest extreme metal right on our field!***And to keep to our tradition, especially to respond to YOUR wishes by engaging as many bands as possible according to your top 20 list it was obvious to invite this band again: IN FLAMES, the inventors and absolute kings of the melodic death metal, will finish off the Full Force on Sunday on the mainstage.***Soon we will announce more news and names, so stay tuned and get your tickets now! Your WFF Team

27.02.2015 | 6 new names for the party of the year !!!
Hello friends, We have some new names to announce for your Full Force line up! First of all we have to tell you that the band HEART IN HAND unfortunately have split up. The official statement of the band is on the bottom of the text. We regret that very much since these guys haven’t been our guests ever. As a substitute we engaged the metalcore band SILENT SCREAMS from Coventry/UK who will also celebrate their premiere at the WFF.***Another British band is also taking ist way through the channel to strain your muscles. The trancecore kings ENTER SHIKARI will finally be back again after many years of Full Force abstinence and fire up their heavy racket. Flouncing allowed!***For the first time live at the WFF the „New German Hardness“ men along Alex Wesselsky with their project EISBRECHER who are just filling the big halls in Germany and mixing up the charts.***Modern hardcore from Milwaukee is served by EXPIRE who definitely belong to the most prominent representatives of the NEW HARDCORE. Next Generation HC – don’t miss!!!***Known and famous for their skull masks, the Swedish thrashmetal command DR. LIVING DEAD are firing their heavy salvos among the folk. Also for the first time at the WFF, the foursome from Stockholm have many plans and will surely thrill you.***And last but not least the deathcore mega monster SUICIDE SILENCE from the sunny state California who manage just like no band of this genre to fascinate and shock at the same time. Let yourselves get rolled over by this barrel!***We keep on working to fill the remaining free slots and get back to you very soon with new names. Your WFF Team Here is the statement of the band HEART IN HAND: "It is with great sadness that we have to write this post, but as of today, we as Heart In Hand will no longer be continuing to create and perform music. Trust is a hugely important part of any band and when it is tested it is difficult to come back from without causing further damage. As a result of this, we will be cancelling our upcoming European tour next month, a fact that we are monumentally sorry about. We cannot apologise enough to the fans, promotors and organisers and of course Hand Of Mercy , LIFERUINER and Create To Inspire for letting you down, but we wouldn´t want to tour not to our full potential and see this off in an even more negative way. It is a difficult time to say the least for us to talk about the end of this adventure, we´ve watched this band grow for over 6 years and been to some amazing places, met incredible people and had some of our fondest memories playing with some amazing bands and countless festivals, all with the satisfaction that music we created and hard work got us there. We never cut corners or paid our way onto anything, which makes our achievements more precious to us personally. This would be the best opportunity to thank everyone who helped us along the way, every single person who showed support, whether it be a ´like´ on Facebook and illegally downloading our music, or coming to 15 shows, getting tattoos or buying all our shirts. All the people behind the scenes guiding us right and creating a strong team as the band grew, including Nanouk at Avocado Booking, Jamie and everyone at Siege Of Amida Records and Century Media Records , and Dom Patience, as well as anyone we´ve had as drivers and crew/tour pals, you know who you are. We will be toying about with music outside of this band in due time, but for now, this is the end for Heart In Hand. We understand this is not the most suitable end but it´s the way it has to be at this point. Love to you all."

28.01.2015 | WFF Community-Shirt special offer and new announcements!
Hello friends, it has been pretty quiet around us but we haven’t been idle in the meantime though and are working hard on your favourite festival. As some of you may have noticed the line up is steadily growing without us setting off a big wave of announcements. Quietly and secretly those awesome bands sneaked into the line up on our website: DEEZ NUTS, the hardcore racket and your wished band from Down Under***HAUDEGEN, the most important band since Boo-Yaa T.r.i.b.e.***TERROR – the HC institution at the Full Force***the Belgian newcomer DIABLO BLVD.***the wrecking ball CHELSEA GRIN***as well as the Groove/Doom/Sludge/Stoner rolling mill RED FANG. New names will be announced soon, stay tuned!!!***And some other great news and a really cool gesture: Our printing company who has produced your fan merchandise for the With Full Force for many years has a special gift for you and donated another 1000 Community Shirts which you will get for free in your size (as long as stock lasts!) when ordering a ticket. So hurry up and get the last shirts – we definitely won’t reprint new shirts and as usual you won’t be able to buy them ! Your WFF Team

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