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12.05.2016 | Die 3. Bühne
Hallo Freunde, wir haben Euch ja schon verkündet, dass es erstmalig eine 3. Bühne - die METAL HAMMER STAGE - auf dem Full Force geben wird. 6 Bands haben noch die Chance, einen Spielplatz dort zu ergattern - aber nur mit Eurer Hilfe ! Am 17.05.2016 ab 10 Uhr startet das Voting unter den 30 Bands, die es bis in die Endrunde geschafft haben. Bestimmt Euer Programm selbst mit, votet die Band, die es Eurer Meinung nach am meisten verdient hat oder die Euch einfach nur am besten gefällt. Klickt Euch durch, zieht Euch die Kandidaten rein und stimmt ab dem 17.05. hier ab: http://www.metal-hammer.de/wff-voting/.***Und welche Bands dort außerdem spielen, wollen wir Euch auch nicht länger vorenthalten - here we go: THE HIRSCH EFFEKT + VARG + UNLEASH THE SKY + STEPFATHER FRED + RAUNCHY + SMOKE THE SKY + ARKTIS + SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER & HAMMERCULT !!! Wir wünschen Euch schon mal schöne Pfingsten, Euer WFF Team

04.05.2016 | WITH FULL FORCE 2016 with Five Finger Death Punch, Slayer, Amon Amarth and more!!!
Hello friends, due to various publications of the latest events regarding Five Finger Death Punch we received many requests whether the band´s gig at this year´s With Full Force would be at risk. We can calm you down, we are in contact with the management and are intensely preparing the Full Force show together. The band is playing their big US tour at the moment (e.g. yesterday in Evansville), all flights for the festival season are booked and we have the reassurance of the management that the WFF show will definitely take place. Look forward to a terrific WITH FULL FORCE from 1st - 3rd July 2016 with Five Finger Death Punch *** Slayer *** Amon Amarth *** Trivium *** Bad Religion *** Hatebreed *** Six feet under *** Behemoth *** Walls Of Jericho *** Cock Sparrer *** Paradise Lost *** Ektomorf *** and much more! Save your tickets here: http://shop.withfullforce.de/products/de/wff-2016-weekend-ticket.html We look forward to you! See you in July! Your WFF Team

22.04.2016 | WFF Warm Up Parties
Hey Full Force friends, finally we can present you the dates for our traditional WITH FULL FORCE warm up parties! As usual there will be lots of WFF merchandise to win and heavy tunes for your ears! 07.05. Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik 07.05. Bad Kötzting - Discothek FLASH | X-TRA | bootylicious 07.05. Rostock - M.A.U. Club Rostock 07.05. Leipzig - 4rooms 20.05. Kiel - MAX KIEL 21.05. Augsburg - Rockfabrik 21.05. Riesa - Offenes Jugendhaus Riesa 25.05. München - BORN to ROCK - Partyreihe / Rock-Club 28.05. Essen - turock - disco, live-club and lounge 28.05. Leipzig - Hellraiser Leipzig 28.05. Zwickau - SpareTime Cafe & Bar 04.06. Sinsheim - Music Pub Express 04.06. Cottbus - Glad House 04.06. Apolda - Bowlers Bar & Lounge 17.06. Erlangen - New Force 18.06. Berlin - PITCAM NIGHTS Party / Badehaus Berlin 18.06. Rottenburg - Jugendhaus Klause 18.06. Eisleben - Molotow Club Keller 24.06. Chemnitz - Subway to Peter 28.06. Dresden - Chemiefabrik Have a nice weekend! PS: 69 days left!!!

20.04.2016 | Metal from the sunshine state…
Hello friends, the fact that the Full Force is meanwhile known for its extremely hot sun has also reached the other side of the globe and finally the metal bands from sunshine state Florida are coming to us. Just like the modern metal high flyer TRIVIUM from Orlando who strike out for their 3rd punch on your ears after their first WFF gigs in 2006 and 2012. Matt Heafy and his men are bringing a damned complex and professionally mature album which has caused a worldwide sensation last year. Get ready for this foursome metal firework! *** We are negotiating with some more bands at the moment and will inform you asap about new confirmations! *** Your WFF Team

12.04.2016 | 3 new ones with full force!
Hello friends, finally we have 3 new names for your family fest 2016. After 8 years abstinence (at least from the WFF stage :-)) the death metal heroes SIX FEET UNDER with Rasta monster Chris Barnes, founder and ex-fronter of the legendary Cannibal Corpse, will return to the stage of the heaviest festival in the East. Look forward to an extraordinary show in celebration of the new record „Graveyard Classics“ – solar eclipse guaranteed! ***A true metal maths core chaos is celebrated by the gentlemen of NORMA JEAN from Atlanta, Georgia at their live gigs. But this wasn’t the only reason why this band is finally playing at the Hardbowl. More arguments you can get at their spectacular live gig – a must! *** And since we are always supporting bands that in our opinion are getting less attention than they should and that deserved to be presented to you (just like Volbeat and Heaven Shall Burn – just to name 2) 2016 we also have such a crazy group for you: CYPECORE is the name of the guys from Baden-Württemberg who will take care of a proper movement of the audience with their mix of modern metal, death metal and something you could call tech-metal. *** Stay tuned for more news! Your WFF Team

04.04.2016 | WFF tickets stolen! Be careful when buying tickets!
Hello friends, last night there was a burglary in the ticketshop "Reisebüro Bier" in Bitterfeld. They´ve stolen among others WFF weekend tickets and WFF parking tickets. It involves the weekend tickets with the numbers 6604-6650. As well as the parking tickets with the numbers 1461-1500. We have blocked those tickets in our system. Please be careful and buy your tickets only at official tickets stores or at our onlineshop. Should someone offer you weekend and parking tickets in the next days please contact us at info@withfullforce.de Please help spread the news. Thank you! We wish you a sunny week!

01.04.2016 | Finally... the 3rd stage is here!
Hello friends, You´ve asked us many times to give new talented but yet unknown bands the chance to play at the Full Force. And now your dream comes true! This year we will have a third stage for the first time - the METAL HAMMER STAGE! 15 bands in total will rock the stage on 3 days. So heads up bands! As of now you have the chance to apply for one of 6 gigs at the stage! All info and the conditions of participation you can find here: http://www.metal-hammer.de/wff-voting/ A jury from Metal Hammer crew and WFF team will make a preselection together - and as of 15th May you, Full Force fans, have the chance to choose for 2 weeks the acts you wanna see at the WFF! The remaining Metal Hammer Stage Acts will be announced soon! Share and spread the news and be a part of it! Have a rocking weekend! Your WFF Team... PS: And no, this is no April fools joke.. ;-)

22.03.2016 | GRANDES COJONES - Big eggs!
There are exactly 100 days left until the 23rd With Full Force and we have a big Easter special for you: Be prepared for the heaviest TICKET BINGO of Germany! Among all ticket orders we get from 24th to 30th March via our official With Full Force ticket shop, we draw 4x2 ticket numbers that can win a VIP ticket upgrade! So, if you don´t own a Full Force ticket yet you should definitely participate in our Easter bingo and save your ticket! You´re not only part of the heaviest fest of the year but also have the chance to win! The winners will be informed by us after the ticket bingo. Here you can order your tickets: http://shop.withfullforce.de/products/de/wff-2016-weekend-ticket.html We wish you much luck! 3,2,1...BINGOOO! Your WFF Team

11.03.2016 | New act and exclusive festival gig 2016 at the WFF!
Hello friends, finally we can announce a new name for your favourite festival: Founded 36 years ago and by now not a bit quieter, socially critical and more snappy than ever before the punkrock dinosaurs BAD RELIGION. The gentlemen from Los Angeles have released 17 official albums and fascinate millions of fans worldwide at their concerts but haven’t made it to the heaviest field yet. Now the time has come! Look forward to the only and exclusive festival gig 2016 in Germany – at the FULL FORCE! Your WFF Team

Only 32 days till WFF-Festival!




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